Booking Options

Lance can be booked as a solo performer, or in any of these groups:

  • Lance & Wes
  • Lance Solo Acoustic
  • Last Five Standing
  • The Lance Price Band
  • Acoustic Demos

          American Girl

          Banana Pancakes

          Curtis Lowe

          Somebody Like You

          Magic Carpet Ride

    Thinking of hiring Lance for your event or business? Good idea!

    When you’re ready to book, please use this form to start the conversation. If possible, include the date(s) of your event, as well as the type of event it is and any other information that may be helpful.

    Contact Lance for booking information now!

    To speak with Lance directly, please call 678-591-3285.
    Note: You can leave an email address, phone number, or both, but please double-check that it’s correct, or Lance will have no way of getting in touch with you except to write a song about it.

    Next Shows

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